Jubilee Christian Church is a community of believers that are on a mission to impact lives and create cultural transformation with the message of the kingdom. Mentoring, discipleship and the impartation of vision, wisdom, faith and experience will help us reach people across the generations and lead us into this cultural transformation.
Jubilee Christian is a local church with a “Kingdom vision” for a territory.

 We believe “the church” has great potential to impact entire communities. We are called to help people identify and release the potential within them; to make ministers out of members. To be an equipping and training center within a territory for believers of every generation. 

We believe our goal to equip, train, empower and then release every individual to use their God given gifts and talents will make a difference beyond the level of a local church.

We have a desire to see the transformation of individual lives and communities. Our objective is to transform a territory and reach a generation of young people. We can do this because we believe Jesus is who he says he is; we are who he says we are and we can do everything he says we can do.  

To love God and love others as God loves them is what Jubilee Christian Church is all about.